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Expert tips for getting started on Retinol

You have probably heard a lot about Retinol and how is a great addition to your daily skincare regimen but most likely you really don't understand exactly what this popular cream can do for your skin.

Dr. Schweitzer explains that retinoids are a form of vitamin A and they are found in the food we eat and in skincare products. Retinol is essential for our eyesight and in maintaining the health of our skin. Retinol is one of your best defenses against fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Retinol increases cell turnover diminishing fine lines, smoothing wrinkles and prevent the formation of new lines.

Late 30's is the magic number to start including Retinol in your daily skincare regimen. This is when sun exposure starts to catch up with and visible signs of aging start to show due to deterioration in collagen which weakens the skin matrix.

Retinol is a mighty addition to your daily defense against premature aging but it has to be applied under the supervision of a dermatologist as it can cause skin dryness and redness. Dr. Schweitzer recommends starting with the lowest concentration of Retinol available in over the counter products and give the skin time to adjust to the new product. Apply a small amount nightly to the entire face every other day for a couple of weeks and then nightly for 4-6 weeks before moving on to a higher concentration.

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