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Skin Barrier 101

Your wonderful skin bends with ease, warns you when something is too hot or too cold, repairs itself if broken, and plays a huge part in your appearance. Your skin’s outermost layer is your skin barrier which acts as your personal armor. Dr. Schweitzer says that “the barrier is highly impermeable, it is designed to prevent the loss of water and other natural moisturizing factors from leaving your skin and prevent biological irritants and environmental chemicals from entering the skin.”

Back to Basics

An individualized skin care regimen is key to achieving healthier skin and a dermatologist can guide you in selecting skin care products designed for your type of skin. Use a gentle face wash, a daily moisturizer with a SPF 30 or higher, include a vitamin C serum or a multi-vitamin serum, and use a night cream formulated to restore essential cells and rebuild the skin’s matrix. Dr. Schweitzer says that “using too many anti-aging products at once can irritate your skin. Have realistic expectations as over the counter anti-aging products deliver limited results.”

Feed Your Skin

Your diet plays a large role in promoting your skin’s ability to maintain its natural moisture. Dr. Schweitzer says “Include foods that are rich in essential fatty acids which are commonly found in salmon, flax seeds, walnuts, and olive oil. A healthy diet that includes three to five servings a week of these essential fatty acids will aid in reducing red, flaky, dry skin.” Include some Chia in your diet. These wonderful seeds contain high levels of Omega-3 which your body needs but it does not produce. Omega-3's help keep skin hydrated.

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