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Here are a few things to consider before going under the needle:

Who is behind the needle?

While injectables are minimally invasive and a seemingly easy treatment to do, always keep in mind that these are prescription medications. Dr. Schweitzer explains that “Botulinum toxin injections and filler injections require a physician’s examination, prescription and a physician treatment plan, period” With many injectors available these days, from nurses, gynecologists, dentists, to even your dubious Botox party injector, always inquire about certifications and experience. At ProDerm Image, Cosmetic Dermatology Dr. Schweitzer is a Board Certified Dermatologist with many years of experience and an excellent reputation.

Grey and Black Market Injectables

Patients often are mislead with special pricing advertising that seems too good to pass up. The answer is: grey and black market products! “In the grey market you will find name brand versions of injectables which have been imported from out of the US and therefore not FDA approved. The black market offers injectables which are compounded and sold by illegal pharmacies or companies which are illegal copies of the name brand products” says Dr. Schweitzer. If you are willing to cut corners, you are putting yourself at risk. Always go for a respectable medical office offering legitimate products. Unfortunately if the special is too good to be true, it probably is!

Be Prepared

Cosmetic injections have become a very popular option for many patients since the treatment is performed during a quick appointment and results can be visible in a short amount of time. Compared to surgery, there are more options available for products and techniques which gives the physician almost endless customization.

Dr. Schweitzer recommends to “organize and make a list of your top three cosmetic concerns to take with you to your consultation and don’t be afraid to take notes during the appointment. Be sure to bring with you a complete medical history which includes medications you may be taking, past surgeries, skin reactions, allergies, and family history of medical conditions. Don’t omit anything, even if it seems unimportant.” Communicate with honesty and openness, the information you share can make a significant difference in obtaining the results you seek!

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