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Dr. Schweitzer's Night time Skin Care Tips


Getting a restful night sleep will also promote a healthier looking complexion. “Your wonderful skin has the ability to heal and repair damage caused during the day time while you are asleep” Dr. Schweitzer explains. You can further benefit your skin by adding an effective night cream to your skin care routine. Night creams focus on moisture and repair “these products are designed to penetrate the skin over the course of several hours, they contain higher concentrations of anti-aging products and may contain retinols”.


Chances are you are applying a moisturizer, anti-aging cream and sunscreen to your face on a daily basis but neglecting your neck, chest and hands. Dr. Schweitzer explains that “The neck, chest, and hands are also exposed to the sun and at risk of premature aging and even skin cancer. Even if your face looks youthful, your neck, chest, and hands could be an age giveaway. Don’t treat these areas as an after-thought by only using whatever is left of the product on your fingertips, give these areas a complete application.”


It is not a secret that getting a restful night sleep will also promote a healthier looking complexion but are you sleeping in the right position? Sleeping on your back can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Schweitzer explains that “pressing your face onto your pillow promotes lines and creases on the skin” so in order to help prevent premature aging consider sleeping on your back. Try a firm pillow with a center depression so that your head and neck are supported while you get your beauty sleep. Wash your pillowcase regularly so that your skin is not exposed to daily grime and old makeup.


Getting rid of dry, dead skin cells can leave your skin looking smoother and supple. “Over exfoliation can do to your skin more harm than good. Different skin types and textures will have different needs for exfoliation. Start by testing any new product on a small area of your face and watch to see how your skin reacts. The right exfoliation for your skin type should leave your skin looking and feeling smoother and refreshed. You can start exfoliating once a week and can go up to three times per week depending on your skin type” Dr. Schweitzer says.

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