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It’s inevitable, as we age the effects of aging can be seen and felt all over the body. Advances in medical technologies have made it possible to achieve life changing results with Votiva by InMode. This new technology delivers immediate results and continued improvement overtime for the treatment of common feminine health concerns including sexual dysfunction. Votiva is currently the leading option for safe and effective treatment for feminine health.

  • Vaginal dryness – Votiva can help increase natural lubrication.

  • Tears and looseness after natural childbirth – Votiva can tighten and firm the vaginal walls.

  • Droopiness and loose skin – Votiva can improve the external shape, rejuvenate tissue and enhance vaginal beauty.

  • Stress urinary incontinence – Votiva can greatly improve urinary control and help you eliminate embarrassing moments.

  • Votiva is an amazing treatment to revive and enhance sexual pleasure for both partners!

What Can I Expect?

Patients should expect to feel a warm sensation during treatment. Results can be felt and seen immediately, with continued results over several weeks and increasing benefits with multiple sessions.

What is the Downtime?

Depending on the intensity of the treatment, there is little or no downtime. Some patients may have slight discomfort during and immediately after treatment. Most patients will experience no discomfort at all.

How many Sessions are Required?

Your physician will determine the best treatment plan for you. The majority of patients have 2-3 sessions, however, most notice a difference after only 1 treatment. The number of sessions depends on your treatment concerns, your personal goals, and the severity of your condition.

Votiva is a safe, gentle, non-invasive solution for overall feminine health. Performed by Nadia Nguyen, Registered Nurse Practitioner in a discrete and professional environment.

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