SPRING INTO ACTION: 4 Pro Skin Care Tips


Spring cleaning should extend to your skin care. Go through your products and discard any products that may have been sitting in your drawer for a while. Opened and old products can harbor bacteria and lose efficacy. You should discard products which have expired or that have change in consistency and smell. Any products that contain SPF should be replaced with new ones after one year.


“Stress can dramatically affect the health of your skin. Wrinkling of the skin, acne and dry skin are associated with stress due to the release of cortisol in the body” says Dr. Schweitzer. Taking time to relax and engage in enjoyable activities will help keep your mind stress free. Add exercise to your daily routine “physical activity boosts circulation and oxygen to the skin” promoting a more radiant looking skin and it also helps in reducing cellulite.


Getting a restful night sleep will also promote a healthier looking complexion. “Your wonderful skin has the ability to heal and repair damage caused during the day time while you are asleep” Dr. Schweitzer explains. You can further benefit your skin by adding an effective night cream to your skin care routine. Night creams focus on moisture and repair “these products are designed to penetrate the skin over the course of several hours, they contain higher concentrations of anti-aging products and may contain retinols”.


Dr. Schweitzer explains that the first meal of the day should include ingredients that are essential to keeping your skin healthy and glowing. A good for your skin breakfast example is an omelet with spinach and feta cheese. “Essential fatty acids help with inflammation which contributes to saggy skin, vitamin A increases skin turn over which promotes a healthy glow and protein packed eggs promotes collagen production.”

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