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The Medical Facial Defined


Medical Grade Facials help to improve the general health and appearance of your skin. Often, our skin bears the brunt of the scorching sun, pollution, stress and aging. Facials are intended to repair AND maintain your skin looking healthy.

Although there are some similarities between traditional facials and the ones performed in a physician’s office your skin will obtain the most benefit from a facial performed by a medical aesthetician in a medical setting. Medical aestheticians are less likely to be persuaded by trendy ingredients and methods that bring zero to minimal benefit to your skin and may actually cause damage.

Unlike medi-spas, which for the most part lack an onsite MD, dermatology offices provide medical guidance, effective tools and techniques for ultimate results. “If your goal is to obtain a treatment that is truly corrective and makes a long-term difference, then research a reputable dermatology office” explains board certified dermatologist Dr. William Schweitzer. “An effective facial removes dead skin cells so that healthier skin can be exposed and medical grade skin care products can penetrate. We have a comprehensive individualized approach to achieve that.”

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