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Thin and crepey skin on the neck can be improved with Micro-Silk Injection Therapy.  This revolutionary treatment involves a series of tiny injections of Dysport, a neurotoxin, perfectly placed in the treatment area targeting the erector pili muscles, sweat and oil glands of the skin.  This treatment temporarily weakens these muscles and glands for a noticeably smoother, younger appearing and more refined skin.  As the injections are strategically and skillfully placed just under the surface of the skin they do not affect the deeper muscles of facial expression.  Micro-Silk Injection Therapy is also a great option for treating acne and large pores by causing a reduction in oil production and a shrinkage in pore size.  This is a great option for patients struggling with facial acne, large pores and crepey skin on the neck.

Micro-Silk Injection Therapy Plus nicknamed "THE CREASE RELEASE" on the show The Doctors, is a revolutionary treatment that treats vertical lines on the cheeks.  Traditionally these lines are injected with filler producing an unnatural bottom heavy look on the face.  Dr. Schweitzer utilizes an exclusive combination of a high quality filler Restlyane, a muscle relaxer, Dysport (which is similar to Botox), and Saline.  This perfectly balanced fusion is injected superficially in the skin and is closely spaced throughout the treatment area.  The Restylane filler gives an instant improvement in fine lines and the Dysport works over a period of about one week to improve skin texture, vertical lines and wrinkles.  Results usually last several months.

Both Micro-Silk Injection Therapy and Micro-Silk Therapy Plus are comfortably performed after numbing the area and there is little to zero downtime.  Patients can resume regular activities after the treatment.

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