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All hair follicles go through growing cycles. Some hairs are actively growing, some are resting. Actively growing dark hairs contain a pigment called melanin. Laser light energy is absorbed by hair shaft melanin, causing damage to the hair follicle structure resulting in the permanent loss of hairs. Pigmented hair must be present in the follicle as the “target” for the laser light. Blond, gray, red, and white hair does not contain much melanin and laser treatment is much less effective.

The hair that grows after laser treatment is from resting hair follicles that have entered an active growth phase. Newer hair may be lighter colored and finer in texture. Previously treated actively growing follicles do not usually regrow hair. Resting hairs that enter an actively growing phase and produce dark pigment will be treated at subsequent visits. Since not all hairs are actively growing at the same time, it may take about 3 to 8 laser treatment sessions for most patients to experience an 80-90 % reduction in the amount of hair. Treatments are repeated every four to eight weeks.

ProDerm Image offers the latest in minimally painful laser hair removal with the new Inmode Aesthetic Solutions Diolaze™ diode laser. This ultrafast diode laser has a built in skin cooling unit to make our state of the art laser hair removal treatment a much more acceptable and tolerable experience.

Learn more about Inmode Aesthetic Solutions Diolaze™

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